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    How It Works

    Setup A Consultation

    First we Set up an initial consultation with a team member who will learn about all of your care requirements.

    Download the Welcome Packet Here

    Download Application For Additional Pets Here

    Once we understand your needs, schedule services for dog walking, pet sitting, pet taxi or pet bathing.

    Receive a Pet Check Login

    Schedule Your Services

    You’ll have peace-of-mind knowing you can check on your pet 24/7 via our pet check reports.

    See photos, poop and pee reports, GPS tracking show where the K9 Team member went during the visit and more all from your mobile device.

    Call K9 Second Line now and give your pets the care they deserve.

    Enjoy Your Freedom


    Do you walk dogs in large groups?
    No, dogs are walked individually or in groups of no more than 3.

    Does K9 Second Line carry insurance?
    Yes, we are insured by Business Insurers of the Carolinas.

    How do I know my pets and home are safe when I'm not there?
    Each Krewe member is thoroughly background checked, screened and trained to ensure proper care of your pet and home. You will receive updates via text/email while out of town and messages in your Dog Book after your pet is walked.

    When I sign-up with K9 Second Line am I locked into a contract?
    No, our policy is such that you can use our service when you need us. We believe that once you and your pet gets a chance to experience the excellent care we provide that you will feel comfortable using our service again and again!

    Do you provide pet care in my home or at a facility?
    We provide pet care in the comfort of your home so that pets can feel as relaxed as possible while you're away.

    Do you keep my personal information private?
    Yes, we strive to maintain the utmost level of discretion and require all Krewe Members to sign confidentiality agreements.

    Do you care for large and/or agressive dog breeds?
    Yes, we care for all types of dogs, large or small. Our consultation is conducted so pets can become familiar with us so that they feel comfortable around us.

    • - Cancellation Fee assessed if canceling within 24 hours of service
    • - Reservation Fee assessed if reserving within 24 hours of service
    • - K9 Second Line is not responsible for pet care if entry information or keys are not provied
    • - K9 Second Line has the right to refuse service to anyone. However, we try to work as dilegently as possible to provide care for all who request it
    • - Unused walks expire after 90 days without notice from pet owner
    • - Reservations and cancellations should be reserved through email by contacting info@k9secondline.com
    • - Aggressive breed dogs are welcome as well as dogs that are intact (un-neutered/spayed)

    Policies and Procedures