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    About Us

    K9 Second Line was founded in 2010 when two graduates of New Orleans universities realized there were times in their busy lives it was simply too difficult to provide their pets the care they deserved. Since then, K9 Second Line has grown to be a trusted in-home pet care provider in the New Orleans area.

    Hometown: Weedsport, NY Why I Do This: I started K9 Second Line as a way to spend more time with animals while working on my own company. Fun Fact: My first job was working on a dairy farm milking cows.

    k9 Secondline Owner Brendan Minard

    Brendan Minard

    Dog Walker Elizabeth Segraves

    Elizabeth Segraves

    Hometown: Wichita, KS Why I Do This: Throughout my life I have been introduced to a wide variety of animals when visiting my family’s farms. Fun Fact: I have a precious (but a bit wacky) cat named Luna.

    Hometown: Atlanta, GA (sorry) Why I Do This: As an educator, I have cared for other people’s children in a professional manner. I have the same passion for caring for your fur children. Fun Fact: I have lived all over the world, including in Austria and South Korea.

    Dog Walker Jonathan Toups

    Jonathan Toups

    Dog Walker Henry Lin

    Henry Lin

    Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA Why I Do This: My family had the joy of raising a variety of animals ranging from chickens, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, and dogs, so animals have always fascinated me. Fun Fact: My professional career has been dedicated to helping the rebirth of the city of New Orleans.

    Hometown: SoCal Why I Do This: I believe I was a dog in my past life and my friends call me the dog whisperer. Fun Fact: I graduated from Loyola University New Orleans with a degree in Music Industry Studies.

    Dog Walker Katherine Draffin

    Katherine Draffin

    Dog Walker Paul Yorio

    Paul Yorio

    Hometown: Weedsport, NY Why I Do This: The best part of my day is hanging out with dogs. I grew up with Beagles and my best friend was a German Shepherd/Husky mix named Elvis. Fun Fact: My passion is music and I love to write and record songs in the studio.

    Hometown: Pickens, SC Why I Do This: Growing up, we always had animals of all kinds: dogs, cats, horses, birds, and reptiles. Being the oldest and a natural animal-lover, it was always my job to care for them. Fun Fact: I am studying education and music at the University of New Orleans.

    Dog Walker Amy Stone

    Amy Stone

    Dog Walker Roland Corwin

    Roland Corwin

    Hometown: Phoenix, AZ Why I Do This: The house I group up in follows the 2-2 “Noah’s Arc” pet rule very strictly: two dogs to two cats. Fun Fact: In my spare time I write, read, and paint terribly.

    Hometown: Metairie, LA Why I Do This: I’ve been around animals my whole life. I have two of my own and enjoy every minute around them. Fun Fact: I play music professionally and have performed with my father in the same band.

    Dog Walker Oliver Bonie

    Oliver Bonie

    Dog Walker Francisco Ormaza

    Francisco Ormaza

    Hometown: Boston, MA Why I Do This: I have had a joyous upbringing around farms, horses, nature and dogs. Fun Fact: I am graduate from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a degree in the art of printmaking.