How It Works

What to have ready for the consultation:

  • Necessary feeding schedule
  • Medication schedule (if needed)
  • Emergency Contacts (in the area)
  • Veterinary Information
  • 2 sets of keys (one for the walker and one for the office) or Key Lockbox
  • Any security alarm information
  • Please alert neighbors, friends and relatives we are coming to check on your pets!


Do you walk dogs in large groups?
  • No, dogs are walked individually or in groups of no more than 3.
Does K9 Second Line carry insurance?
  • Yes, we are insured by Business Insurers of the Carolinas.
How do I know my pets and home are safe when I'm not there?
  • Each Krewe member is thoroughly background checked, screened and trained to ensure proper care of your pet and home. You will receive updates via text/email while out of town and messages in your Dog Book after your pet is walked.
When I sign-up with K9 Second Line am I locked into a contract?
  • No, our policy is such that you can use our service when you need us. We believe that once you and your pet gets a chance to experience the excellent care we provide that you will feel comfortable using our service again and again!
Do you provide pet care in my home or at a facility?
  • We provide pet care in the comfort of your home so that pets can feel as relaxed as possible while you're away.
Do you keep my personal information private?
  • Yes, we strive to maintain the utmost level of discretion and require all Krewe Members to sign confidentiality agreements.
Do you care for large and/or agressive dog breeds?
  • Yes, we care for all types of dogs, large or small. Our consultation is conducted so pets can become familiar with us so that they feel comfortable around us.